Aloha! Welcome to Liter8.net!

My name is Chris Hutton. I’m a young journalist with years of experience covering tech, science, pop culture, religion beats. I’ve worked for Radio America and Tom’s Guide/Laptop Magazine.

Why do I report? I believe that stories and truth matter. Whether they be the story behind our latest gadget, how a person’s faith influenced their political career, or what everyone’s favorite graphic novel reveals about the general human psyche, I believe in seeking out an answer.Everything I report is designed to help explore these things and to introduce consumers to the unique and innovative world around us.

I currently write at Digital-Faith.com, a site dedicated to the history of Christian Internet Culture.

I’ve hosted two podcasts in the past (literary-views and confessions of a Homeschool Graduate, no longer existent.) and have produced podcasts for Tom’s Guide, National Review, Christ and Pop Culture, Mere Orthodoxy and more.

I’m theologically conservative, politically moderate, and dedicated to learning all I can. I have an AA from San Diego Christian College and am working on my BA in Liberal Arts from Harrison-Middleton University.

I have written for:

  • Fox News
  • Yahoo Tech
  • Discovery News
  • Live Science
  • ┬áPatheos Network
  • Christ and Pop Culture
  • PASTE Magazine
  • Popmatters
  • College Magazine
  • and many, many other outlets

But most importantly, I’m ready to work for you. I’m always looking for a new project or idea to explore, and would love to collab with you on your next magazine, book, podcast or blog.